Monday, 28 October 2013

Delays with the Justgiving page

My apologies, we're going through a necessary id check with Justgiving to ensure that the ride isn't a scam. The page should be open soon, hopefully within a few days- please come back and give soon!

You can also give money to the person you are sponsoring.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Rushing, rushing rushing

Sorry, the justgiving page isn't open yet- they need to to an id check. Come back in a day or so, I'll post as soon as it's open.



Daniel Grundy-Evans suffers from severe autism, epilepsy and Tourette syndrome. He loves cycling and used to go out on his specially-adapted bike with his mum, riding local bike trails. Sadly theives broke into the garage where his bike was stored and stole it, along with his mum's bike which tows Daniel's bike and all their cycling kit. Our magnificant 7 bike riders are working with Harpenden Leos (the youth section of Harpenden Lions) and Heart FM to riase money to replace Daniel's bike kit and get him back on the road.You can read more about the theft here and here

Cycling is for everyone- from ultra fit sportspeople to those who need specially adapted equipment to help them get out. Getting out on a bike is great for fitness, gets you out in the open air and is great for stress. It's particularly important for Daniel.Daniel's mum says "We haven't been on holiday since he was born. Cycle rides are like our holiday." We're going to make that happen again.

Leos will donate the specialise bike Daniel needs but we still need to replace the kit and buy an adult bike for his Mum to tow him on.

£200 will buy waterproofs, lights and locks for the bike, another £150 will buy additoinal security kit and bike covers to keep the bike safe and dry. Another £500 will buy a new bike for his mum. Once we've kitted him out any additional money will go towards the Cycle Touring Club's work with disabled people.

You can donate to our crowdfunding site on by clicking here. Sorry about the spelling mistake, it will be sorted soon!